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Fire Academy
The Fire Technology division of BAY EMT has established an agreement with the Alameda County Fire Department and the Fremont Fire Department.  This unique and collaborative effort has made it possible for BAY EMT to create a Firefighter I Academy for the ACFD Reserve Firefighter Program.

In the spirit of this collaboration, BAY EMT has agreed to provide the educational and training services for the ACFD Reserve Fire Academy with ACFD as the ALA. The program philosophies of the fire academy align with the philosophies of the EMT program. The fire academy is designed to emphasize community awareness in our cadets while aiding in their personal growth.

More about our history: The BAY EMT Program held the inaugural fire academy in 2013, enrolling 12 cadets. BAY EMT conducted seven academies from 2013 to 2019 through a collaboration with the Oakland Fire Department and Merritt Community College as the ARTP. Over this seven year period, the academy graduated 114 cadets. Of these 130 graduates, 76 BAY EMT alumni have been hired in fire agencies throughout the nation. The Fire Technology division of BAY EMT provides professional development support by offering the following services: volunteer opportunities, mentoring, mock orals, resume building and internships.

The 21 week fire academy is offered once a year. This is an accredited academy  where, upon successful completion, graduates will be eligible to obtain a State Fire Marshal Firefighter 1 course completion certificate.  For more information about the fire academy please send an email to

​BAY EMT Fire Technology Mission Statement - We will develop professional firefighters utilizing the highest standard of training and quality education.

Fire Academy Admission Requirements
1) Become a member of the ACFD Reserve Program
2) EMT course completion certificate
3) Completion of two fire science classes
Alameda County FD Reserve FF Program
The Alameda County Fire Department Reserve Firefighter Education and Training Program provides quality training for prospective professional Alameda County firefighters. It has proven itself an innovative and respected leader in developing future firefighters. The ACFD Reserve Firefighter Program emphasizes the value of recruiting well-trained and qualified firefighting personnel from the community.

Applicants entering the ACFD Reserve Firefighter Program can expect to enter the program as a reserve candidate. After an evaluation of previous education and training, candidates are placed into a three-tiered training program.

Level I is career and educational guidance for candidates with no background in emergency medical services or fire science classes. Level II provides further career and educational guidance for candidates with some education or background in the fire service or emergency medical services. Level III prepares the candidate in an academy environment to become an active Alameda County Reserve Firefighter. The Level III candidate possesses an EMT course completion certificate and has completed at least two fire science classes.

Once a candidate completes the third level of training, they are qualified to become an Alameda County Reserve Firefighter.

Reserve firefighters can expect to participate in firefighter training, meetings, work-experience and public education/relation opportunities within the community alongside professional firefighters. Reserve firefighters are also required to respond to emergencies, when requested, to support the efforts of professional firefighters.
BAY EMT Cadet Graduates have been hired in the following Fire Departments
Alameda County FD
Fremont FD
Oakland FD
San Francisco FD
Richmond FD
Berkeley FD
Mountain View FD
San Jose FD
​Livermore/Pleasanton FD
Contra Costa FD
Colorado Springs FD
Sacramento City FD
Marin County FD

Lathrop Manteca FD
​Seattle FD
Burbank FD
Sonoma Valley FD
CAL Fire