Bay Area Youth EMT Program
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 Opportunities for Success
Wellington Jackson, Executive Director
Alameda Co. FD Firefighter/Paramedic 

*Maria Barcena, Assistant Director
Royal Ambulance EMT

Sean Gascié, Fire Academy Director
Oakland FD Lieutenant

Gil Cody, Fire Science Technology Director
Retired Oakland FD Lieutenant 

Paramedic Coordinator

BAY EMT Staff, Clinical Coordinator
Staff Member

Jason Bivens, Lead Instructor
San Jose FD Fire Captain

Philip Wright, Lead Instructor
AMR Paramedic

Todd Nagel, Skills Instructor Coordinator
Paramedics Plus EMT

Oliver Knodel-Sherman, CPR Coordinator
Alameda Co. FD Firefighter

Perry Compton, Special Event Coordinator
Paramedics Plus EMT

Aisha Knowles, Program Liaison
Alameda Co. FD PIO/Community Outreach

EMS and fire professionals interested in participating are encouraged to contact the program directors.

BAY EMT Instructors
Aaron Brown - Oakland FD Engineer

Anthony Mendoza - BAY EMT alumni

*Chevalier Riley - ER Tech

Derek Hanley - EMT Instructor

*Elisa Sconza - Oakland Zoo EMT

*Eric Lanier - Alameda Co. FD Firefighter

Francis Fernandez - Alameda Co. FD Firefighter

*Jason Bowden - Falk Ambulance EMT

Javan Smith - Oakland FD Investigator

Jediael Edwards - BAY EMT alumni

John Marshall - BAY EMT alumni

Jonathan Brewer - Oakland FD Firefighter

Josue Valadez - BAY EMT alumni

Kalani Sly - BAY EMT alumni

Keith Evans - Oakland FD Lieutenant

Manny Watson - Oakland FD Firefighter/Paramedic

Michael Hughes - Oakland FD Lieutenant

Nadja Havenhill - Falck Ambulance EMT

Nathan Hausel - Paramedics Plus Paramedic

*Nicholas Kinney - Oakland FD Firefighter

*Paul Mason - Royal Ambulance EMT

*Rajiv Coburn - ProTransport-1 EMT

*Samantha Soto - Royal Ambulance

Solomon Tucker - Oakland FD FF/Paramedic

Talat Mirmalek - Falk Ambulance EMT

Tyre Mills III - Berkeley FD Captian

*Vladislav Zherebnanko - Royal Ambulance EMT

Zoraida Diaz - Oakland FD Battalion Chief

*Zulaikha Zadran - Royal Ambulance EMT

                                                   * BAY EMT Alumni
"What stands out the most to me was the feeling that the instructors really cared about the students."

                                                       – 2006 Student

BAY EMT Sponsors
"These programs are necessary especially in a place like this – you have people going through poverty, so much violence on the streets... get your mind off all the negativity. They teach you something you can use to make your community better and the world better."

                                               – 2014 Student